POLYMEX is a new generation panel product combining wood fiber with polymers and other additives to produce a flat, smooth faced, calibrated, waterproof panel product.

The production process of POLYMEX allows for exceptional dimensional stability and very high dimensional tolerances.

The complex production chemistry creates a POLYMEX panel that is waterproof, fire resistant, temperature resistant, impact resistant, chemical resistant, and rot and mildew resistant.

As you can imagine, POLYMEX applications are very wide and very varied. POLYMEX can be used for:

  • Furniture in interior high moisture areas – under the sink, kick plates, bathrooms, gym etc.
  • Shop fitting and point of sale furniture
  • Exhibition furniture and displays
  • Exterior and interiors signage
  • Caravans, motor homes, boats and commercial vehicles
  • Wet, damp and decontamination rooms
  • Exterior wall cladding, fascia boards, and outdoor furniture

POLYMEX is available in a standard size of 1220 mm by 2440 mm (the old 8 foot by 4 foot) and in 6mm and 16mm. The face of the board is supplied smooth.

POLYMEX thicknesses range from 2.7mm to 30mm and longer lengths, beyond the 2440mm, of up to 3600 mm (the old 12 foot) can be organized.

POLYMEX comes in a standard white finish or a cream finish.

The POLYMEX production process allows for varying densities of final panel, depending upon the application and weigh requirement. Densities can range from 350 kg/m³ to over 800 kg/m³ – depending upon the POLYMEX application and POLYMEX requirement

POLYMEX can be worked with standard wood working machinery – skill, panel and beam saws; routers and moudlers; edgbanders, CNCs. POLYMEX cannot be effectively cut with a lazer cutter.

Stock availability

Polymex White Panel – 2440 x 1220 x 16mm – R895.00