Security Doors

The HDS Group has just imported an exciting new product – decorative steel security doors.

This door combines the highest in design and aesthetics with our increasing need for security and protection for our family and property.
The door construction is a clever combination of hardwood frame, solid infill for sound management, all sheeted in high strength steel. The latest in steel embossing and lamination mean that the door has a high fashion “American” six panel emboss design with dark wood grain finish – Black Walnut.

The door is perfect as an interior security door, such as a bedroom door as well as for “semi” exterior applications.

The door construction provides for good moisture resistance but it is advised, if used outside, that external door is sheltered from the elements. The door is supplied with its own steel frame, hinge, lock block and handle.

The door itself has the following dimensions:
Steel Outer Frame 2100mm x 900mm x 100mm
Door dimensions 2070mm x 840mm x 40mm

The outer frame is supplied in three sections – top, left and right. The frame sections fit together with bendable tags and slots. It is best to use a rubber mallet to bend the tags into place and fix the frame. The steel door frame comprises treated steel of a 1mm thickness. Using a lip and slot system, the frame can be set on site and then bricked in. This eases transport and reduces frame damage. The frame comes in two variants – left opening and right opening. These are clearly marked on the inside of the frame with an R or a L marking. Each left door frame pack (door opening from the left) is a pack of 6 sections providing main frames for four doors. Each right door frame (door opening from the right) is a pack of 6 sections providing main frames for four doors. The top section of is universal and comes as a pack of 12. The hinge is a visible hinge made of 201 grade stainless steel and has three hinges pre-fixed to the frame.

The door itself is drilled for hinges once the frame is set and the door is ready to be hung. The lock and handle set is supplied completely with additional keys. The lock block is already fitted in the body of the door. The handle remains upright (so at north / 12 o’clock) and not east/west/3 o’clock as shown in the picture below. The lock mechanism is ideal for the South African environment. There is a latch managed by the door handle plus a three bolt barrel lock operated by a key. In addition, an internal operated barrel lock provides extra peace of mind. The barrel lock is fitted with a long screw and the door plates also filled by use of long screws. The pack also includes 12 screws for fitting the door to the hinges The door simply required the assembly and fixing of the frame into the building, hanging of the door onto the frame and final assembly of the handle and lock mechanism.

The product is perfect for once off construction jobs as well as for contracts and requires a semi-skilled professional to install and hang.

Retail price for the full set – door frame and hinges, door, handle and lock set is:

R1 499.99 including VAT (R1 303.48 excluding VAT).

In the current market, you would need up to four separate purchases – door frame, door, lock set and handle to compare like product for like product.

Steel security doors by HDS

Reverse view of door – note extra internal security lock on bottom of door handle plate – only operated from the inside of the door

Reverse side of the door with frame

External side of door

External door side showing hinge position, appearance and door frame



Can be used for both interior & entrance door

Wood like appearance in popular design



Easy to install


PriceExperience an entrance door with price of an interior door only!



Good quality lock same as security steel door lock

Easy and Quick Installation with knockdown frame.
Only requires 20 minutes!